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Music is the international language. Be it rock, jazz, punk, country blues or even classical, music is loved by one and all. The culture of rock band is nothing new to the western countries.

Meneguar is one such indie rock band. They are also known for their punk rock songs. In this paragraph, we will try to know about the Meneguar rock band.

Not many of us are aware of this indie rock band. It is pronounced as MEN-EGG-WHAR. This rock band is basically from Brooklyn, New York. They started off their journey in the winter of 2004. The band members are Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Taveniere, Christian Deroeck, and Justin Wertz. These members had played previously under different arrangements and name. but they together took off their second CD under the name “strangers in the house”. This CD was released under the label of Troubleman unlimited however they have other labels sponsoring for them. They are Woodsist and FuckItTapes.

After years of playing together in different projects, the band members took off their first CD under the label of FuckItTapes. This was basically their demo collection and it was released in the year of 2004. The four members moved into a small house in Bushwick and started creating new lyrics, new songs. I was born at night was written and sang in the small house of Bushwick. The record came out on 10th may 2005. It was recorded with their gloves on in an under heated practise space in four hour blocks. But very soon they ran out of print and released the new version by remixing the old songs however; they also included two new songs in the CD.

Since then, they have extensively making tours all over the world. The most recent work is seven inch, which is out now and available in all leading music stores. Nicholas Vernhes assisted them to remix the album in the winter of 2005 at his Rare Book room studio in green point.


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