Band members of indie rock bands

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There are many rock bands all over the world. These rock bands have been created by the various artists, generally they are from the same city, same state or at least the same country. However there are other bands in the world where the band members do not belong from the same place. But that hardly matters. Meneguar is one of the indie rock band and they originated from Brooklyn, in New York. The band members are Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Tavernier, Christian Deroeck, and Justin Wertz. We will see about the other similar band members in this passage.

Meneguar is and indie rock band. There are many other indie rock bands all over the world. Teenage cool kids are an indie rock band. They also have punk rock songs. The band members are from Denton, Texas. Andrew Savage started the band in the summer of 2006 and then it was joined by Daniel Zeigler. The two members released their demo collection “remember me as a silhouette”. Their songs are often compared to the early ‘90s indie rock. Daniel striped tiger is another punk rock band. Their members are from Boston, Massachusetts. They were formed in October 2003. They are popularly known as DST. The band members are highly inspired from the early ‘90s hard core scene.

The band members of the indie rock band called “stop it” made their first performance in the year of 2001 on the Halloween’s day. The band members are from Richmond. They have recorded a demo which has the collection of seven songs. Quickly after the release of the album, they made a short tour however they were not much popular. They used all shitty equipment to play and alienated many people along their way. Haram is yet another indie rock band. They have been highly inspired from two albums-the majority rule and the “ashes of city of caterpillar”. The band members are a true admirer of hard rock and they belong from Washington DC. Their first hit release was done in the year 20006.

Pygmy lush (which is also sometimes termed as a single word) is a hard core punk indie rock band. Their band members are from Sterling, Virginia. Mike and Chris Taylor were the former members of this band. They were members of ex-PG 99. The other associated acts of these band members include city of caterpillar, majority rule and malady. North America and brain worms are the other two massively popular indie bands.

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