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Menegaur, pronounced as the MEN-EGG-WHAR is an indie rock band. They also have songs on the punk rock but they are better known as indie rock bands. The band originated from Brooklyn, a city in New York. The band members have been playing together in a number of projects for years but in the winter of 2004, they released their first CD. The band members of Meneguar are Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Taveniere, Christian Deroeck, and Justin Wertz. They shifted to a small house in Bushwick and started concentrating on new songs. I was born at night was written and played in that small house which became their massive hit. After the release of this CD, they have got the offers from different labels to release and record their CDs.

According to the critics, there is nothing new in the Meneguar indie rock band. They are just the straight forward rock band that has weird chord voicing and yelp vocals. Stranger in the our house is a much popular release from the band and they say that insistent, fractured energy permeates through the songs and thus has kept the indie rock from reaching the mainstream rock audience. It does not have the regular violins, kazoos, hurdy giddies, or pseudo-tribalistic bongo jams. But, again, this is not a simple record.

Meneguar albums, I was born at night sounds like the work of a middle band at any given indie rock club. It seems like an unnecessary alteration for the band as the audience keeps on waiting for hearing something else. The songs from the album have arty guitar strokes and have extra stiffness however has also got a smart rhythmic section. The songs have a lot of melodic weight as they carry a lot of busy drumming; bass lines and tend to carry the post punk tradition.

A completely unidentified voice can be heard from vocalist Jarvis in the song Christmas isn’t Christmas, and also allows the listener to overlook the stressed and extremely ingenious lyrics of the song. A genuinely terrific rock song is ‘a few minutes an hour’ allow the listeners to recall the classic super hunk. I was born at night has some bright spots as it is the most popular track by the band. “House of cats” gift the listeners with nice and smooth lyrics.


  1. I Was Born At Night  (Cass, Ltd) Fuck It Tapes 2004 
  2. I Was Born At Night  Troubleman Unlimited 2006 
  3. Strangers In Our House  Release The Bats Records 2007 
  4. The In Hour (LP, Album)

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