The best indie rock songs and their lyrics

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Gone are those days when we are sad and people would ask us for ice creams and chocolates. There are more important things in life which make us sad and thus we have to heal ourselves. Music is the best therapy. We love listening to music. However, how many of us do actually take notice of the lyrics of the songs? Even when it is our favourite song, we do not listen to the lyrics carefully. It when we are really sad, we can relate to the lyrics.

Indie rock bands have emerged in the ‘90s after the successful establishment of nirvana, who created a pseudo-macho environment. The indie rock bands got their name from the term independent rock band as they have the liberty to do any kind of experiment on the lyrics, emotion or chord structure of the song. This is another reason why the indie rock songs do not appeal a lot of audience from the mainstream. However, letting all these things aside let us now take a look at some of the best indie rock lyrics.

For instance, the lyrics of the song California is just too romantic for any couple to resist. It seems that the person is requesting or making a wish that he could leave the hustle bustle of the town very soon and can go to the smooth, calm beach of California where there will be no one else expect the couple.

The lyrics of the songs by Elliot Smith are really innocent yet speak of all the tragedies intertwined by romance. It speaks of such a romance which remained unfulfilled throughout the life and it remained unnoticed. It speaks of the pain that the person had to face due to love and its separation. These tracks have a wide acceptance all over the world and are highly famous only for its dreamy lines.  Another much popular track is from the radio dept. is I wanted you to feel the same. It says about the pain that the lover faced when he or she saw his or her beloved did not reciprocate at the time of departure. Some of the sons even relate the grief with nature, like season and its changes. Winter is generally used to express the loneliness.

The songs from the indie rock band, star, have a heart-warming lyric. The lines speak of the desperation of a lover which affected over a period of time and now that he or she is not bothered anymore. It even speaks that he or she will be happier without their lovers and shall postcards to let them know their well-being!

So next time while you play your mp3, keep a notice of the lyrics as well!

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